Activate Airtel Voicemail service for free on your Prepaid Mobile

Airtel provides Free Voicemail service for all prepaid customers but unfortunately no one is aware of it. Even Airtel website or customer care representative is unaware of it.

Activation by Call Code:

  • Call *321*671# for Activation
  • Call *321*673# for Deactivation

Activation by SMS Code:

  • START VMS to 54321 for Activation
  • STOP VMS to 54321 for Deactivation

Voicemail Account Management:

To access your Voicemail Account Management, call Dial 52555 from your registered Airtel Prepaid Mobile. For the very first time, it will prompt you to set a 4 digit passord. Next time you need to enter the password to access your profile settings.

With your account Management, you can do the following things

  1. Change your language presence
  2. Set your Own Custom Voicemail Message
  3. Hear, Save and Delete the received voice mail messages
  4. Change Voice mail box name

You can press the following numbers to perform action on your current running Voicemails

  • Delete – 3
  • Reply – 4
  • Save – 5
  • Previous Voicemail – 6
  • Replay Again – 7
  • Next Voicemail – 8
  • Settings – 9

Settings Page:

  • When you login to setting, Press 2 to change language presence
  • Rename Mailbox Name – 3
  • Change Password – 4
  • Hear or Change current welcome message – 7
  • Remove current Welcome Message – 8

Let me know if you have any issues in activating the services. Enjoy ignoring those unwanted calls :)



  1. Kamaleswar

    it worked..but problem is when i called from another no it says switch off or out of reach…while i diverted the call to +919954999100(Assam)

  2. Rudra Pratap Singh

    You have done a very great job,
    fabulous, it is described in a great way,
    thanks my friend

  3. Prince

    I did setup the voice mail and it was successful buy when i tried to call from other no. to check the voice mail, it did not work

  4. Sai Prakash

    Hi ,

    I am unable to set this up. I am in Hyderabad and perhaps, time has elapsed since your post, maybe the system has changed? I am being asked to press 1 but it is on a screen and when I enter 1 and hit send, it is saying that it is an invalid ID. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

  5. ARK


    Issue with my voicemail is that callers do not get the option to leave a message when I do not pick up or if the phone is switched off.
    If I forward my calls to +919810098200…surprisingly callers get my voicemail, however in this scenario all my calls get forwarded as opposed to just those situations when I can not attend the call i.e. my phone does not even ring and the caller goes to my voicemail.
    Anyone have any tips on how only those calls are forwarded to voicemail which I can not pick up?



    • learningear

      Good evening,

      Now after configuring the voice mail box setting what you may need is to direct your phone to know which calls to divert (i.e., Divert all call/Divert when busy etc and then choose the voice mail box no. for the respective facility).

      See if it works,

  6. Arun

    If you struggling with call forwarding options on an iphone or rather lack of them…use USSD codes to enable the scenarios in which you want voicemail activated e.g. If unanswered, busy, switched off, etc. A few are below:

    Busy: **67*#, then SEND
    e.g. If in Delhi… **67*9810098200# then SEND

    Unreachable: **62*#, then SEND
    e.g. **62*9810098200# then SEND

    No Reply: **61*#, then SEND

    All calls: **21*#, then SEND



  7. sidkap

    This is great info. After I moved to AirTel prepaid I regretted not having voicemail. Even AirTel customer care professionals had no clue how to activate this service.

    You have really helped out via easy to follow to the point white paper on this underestimated but very useful service.

    Thanks a lot


  8. sidkap

    As a vote if thanks, I am bookmarking your website and also sharing it on my social media.

    Keep up the great work.

  9. logeshwaran

    hello. i have got it activated. kindly let me know what is the call forward number for tamilnadu. if i do this it is finished. coz. i have setup my welcome message and passcodes also. kindly help. thanks

  10. Subhankar Chakraborty


    I have been trying to activate this service for long now. However it wont work in North East Circle. I tried speaking to CC agents however i ended up explaining the difference between a voice mail and voice messaging. Kindly help me out.

  11. spalife

    Very Useful, thanks for posting the information.

    Works nicely in Hyderabad and perhaps all over AP.

    Steps for iPhone
    1. Activate your Free Voice Mail Box Service of Airtel.
    I Activated via USSD
    open your phone and dial Call *321*671# for Activation
    2. iPhone needs to know what is the voice mail number
    Dial **5005*86*52555#
    3. Dial 52555 to access your VoiceMail box and for setup (see author’s post above for info)
    4. Checked that iPhone VoiceMail settings are retained even after restarting the phone and
    accessing the VoiceMail box is free

    I checked that calls are getting divered to Voice Mail when Busy / Out of Reach / Switched Off etc.,
    You can check through USSD whether Call Forwarding to VM Box works as below

    For All Calls:
    To Check: * # 21 #

    No Answer:
    To Check: * # 61 #

    To Check: * # 62 #

    To Check: * # 67 #

    I did not have to set the Call Forwarding number to the voice mail when busy etc.,
    it was automatically set once I activate the Airtel Voice Mail Service.

    In case anyone is interested or wants to access their Voice Mail from Outside their circle
    when roaming etc., AP / Hyderabad Call Forwarding Number to VoiceMail : +91 9866512345

    Call Waiting:

    To Activate: * 43 #
    To Deactivate: # 43 #
    To Check: * # 43 #

  12. harsh jain

    hey i also etuped this voicemail service but it dosent works when anyone calls my when my phone is enable or dissable it dosent works

    no dout you have described it verry well also its true i have tried earlier to contact customer care but they are not aware of this service thankls and if u can guid me what should i do next

    airtel sim (yavatmal, maharashtra

  13. debu

    Pls help me in this two issues
    1. What is the voice mailbox no for Airtel West Bengal???
    2. When i am calling to 52555 it is asking for call back no….now what is that???

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